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The COMSAT Legacy Project

The COMSAT Legacy Project is a not for profit organization formed for the single purpose of preserving the history and accomplishments of the COMSAT Corporation for posterity. It is operated by Ed Martin, Executive Secretary, Bill Coulter, Counsel with a number of volunteers who donate their services. It is funded by contributions from COMSAT veterans and guided by an Advisory Board chaired by Joseph V. Charyk and including David Acheson, Lucius D. Battle, Jerome W. Breslow, John V. Evans, John A. Johnson, Sidney Metzger and Carl J. Reber.

The Project was initiated in response to a COMARA request to contact Lockheed Martin to arrange for the preservation of COMSAT materials held by them. That activity is being aggressively pursued and close cooperation with COMARA is planned as the scope of activities expands beyond preservation of the Lockheed collection. To the extent practicable, arrangements will be made for placement of COMSAT publications such as COMSAT News, Pathways, COMSAT Magazine, Marifacts, COMSAT Technical Review and Press releases into a controlled access library for viewing by COMSAT vets and other interested parties, the placement of historical records into appropriate archives for historical research, the placement of COMSAT artifacts at a selected museum or library, and the creation of a web site and of discs to display COMSAT photos and videos.

COMSAT Legacy Project Bulletins

Bulletin 1: Sep 10, 2002
Bulletin 2: Dec 5, 2003
Bulletin 3: Jan 27, 2003
Bulletin 4: Mar 1, 2003
Bulletin 5: Apr 14, 2003
Bulletin 6: Aug 1, 2003
Bulletin 7: Sep 1, 2003
Bulletin 8: Oct 11, 2003
Bulletin 9: Dec 2, 2003
Bulletin 10: Jan 26, 2004