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Last update: 13-Sep-2019

Next Board Meeting

Nov 21, 2019, 11:30

Location: Mechanick Mansion

Payment for Social Due by Sep 18.

Mail check by Sep 15
or use PayPal before Sep 18.

Board of Directors Election

Friday, Sep 20, 2019

Upcoming COMARA Events

Vote Now for 2019 Class of Directors

Voting is now open for the 2019 Class of Directors for the COMARA Board. Any member who is registered and has paid dues is eligible to vote. You need to sign in before you can cast your votes.
Alternatively, you can send the webmaster an email containing your selections and ask to have your votes entered for you.

You can find a link to the ballot by visiting the Members Section

You can find more information about the sign in process from a 2019 Vote Email sent to members.

The webmaster will enter your votes for you if you send an email to containing your choices.

COMARA Social, Sunday, Sep 22, Thats Amore

2019 COMARA Social
September 22, 2019
12:00 to 3:00PM
Thats Amore (Rockville)

Please join your COMSAT friends and colleagues for a social gathering at 12pm, Sunday afternoon, September 22 at the That's Amore in Rockville. This will be a chance to visit and catch up with friends and acquaintances from your COMSAT days.

Spouses and guests are welcome.
See Social Announcement. for details


We need to know very soon if you will be joining your colleagues at the Social. Please send an email to as soon as possible to and let Geza (Our Treasurer) know you plan to attend.
Next, get your payment for the dinner to Geza by either mailing your check by Monday, September 16, or use your credit card and our PayPal function by Thursday, September Thursday September 19.

A note from Joe Pelton:

Sorry, to be away in Capetown, So. Africa teaching a course at the Univ. of Capetown rom the 12th through the 30th of September.
Culd you please let everyone know that we reached and now exceed the goal of a $100,000 endowment for the Burt and Betty Edelson scholarship at George Washington, University University in the School of Engineering and Applied Science and there will be a celebratory party at GW University on Saturday October 5th for those that contributed.

Election for 2019 Class of COMARA Directors

Work is proceeding for getting the online ballot added to the website. Some of the problems that were described by the webmaster have been solved. Watch this page for updates.

The COMARA Board of Directors has 9 directors who are elected to serve a 3-year term. An election is held for 3 Directors each year, which is identified as a class in the year elected. The current Board is shown on the lower right side of the COMARA home page.

The Bylaws require the Board to propose nominations for 3 nominees for each election. The bylaws also provide a method for members to propose nominees (see below). The election is conducted using an online ballot. Each member who has paid dues at least once can vote for the directors on the slate for each year. Voting is done online at the COMARA website, although we also accept votes sent via mail or email. The ballot will be available online in early September.

The COMARA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the slate of candidates that it is recommending for election for the three vacancies that are up for election this year, to each serve a three-year term (2019-2022). The candidates are:
  - Ron Johnson,
  - Fred Kelly and
  - Geza Serenyi,
each of which is already currently serving a three-year term, having previously been elected in 2016.

Pursuant to the COMARA by-laws, members can also nominate additional candidates to be added to the ballot if they desire. Such a nomination needs to be supported by 10 COMARA members in good standing, along with the consent of the nominee. Any such nominations would need to be submitted by no later than August 23, 2019.
Send the nomination to the attention of Maury Mechanick, COMARA's president, at

The webmaster is late getting this email to you. If you want to nominate an additional person for director, the deadline can be extended. Notify Maury Mechanick as soon as you can.

2018 COMSAT Alumni Social Photos

2018-Social-Pictures About 35 people attended the 2018 COMARA Social on Sunday, September 30 at Thats Amore on Shady Grove Road in Rockville. Denis Curtin made arrangements for the venue. Geze Serenyi (treasurer) collected checks from our PO Box, and email notices from PayPal as our members paid for the event.

Paul Schrantz and Ron Garlow took pictures at the event. This album contains 51 photos taken during the event. This One Drive album is provided without charge by Microsoft for any user with an Outlook email account. The owner of the account creates the album, and then uploads copies of the pictures. Microsoft handles the formatting of the photo display for computer, tablet, or smart phone.

View the Social Photos - Wait for photos to load.

COMSAT Slide Collection

One of the COMSAT Legacy collections is a box containing nearly 1100 slides. Dan DiFonzo recently took on the job of scanning the slides so our members, and the world can share them. This is a gargantuan job. Dan has created a OneDrive album and uploaded the slides to this album. This is a massive collection with a size of about 2GB.

From Dan DiFonzo: As promised, here is the link to view and/or download the 1100 Comsat slides that I scanned and digitized. These images have been uploaded to a OneDrive album.

Comsat Slides

Click the array to view the OneDrive Album

The notation on each slide refers to the drawer that contained the slides in the 3 across x 6 down set of plastic drawers. Otherwise, the slides are numbered in the order I scanned them. Only 14 of the drawers had slides.
Daniel F. DiFonzo

If you have already paid your 2019 membership dues, thank you for your support. If you have not yet paid your 2019 membership dues of $15 per year, please send a check to COMARA using our PO Box or use PayPal. Better yet, please send in $30 for both your 2019 and 2020 membership dues.
PO Box 34594
Bethesda, MD 20827
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