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Originally published Fall 2002. An elected board has replaced the founding board.
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You are all invited to join the

An association open to former Comsat Employees and Surviving Spouses and organized for the purposes of:

  1. Maintaining social and business contacts with colleagues, by maintaining a web site and other communication channels including a bulletin board and an online newsletter.
  2. Monitoring the status of benefits and providing contact points for the administration of benefits - providing a common forum to monitor the degree to which successor organizations will honor the promises made to many of us in the form of continuing employees benefits, and taking appropriate actions if necessary to preserve those benefits.
  3. Preserving the Comsat Legacy by attempting to ensure that materials and artifacts are not lost. The COMSAT Legacy Foundation was initially formed by several senior offices of COMSAT and ownership of many materials was transferred to the Foundation by Lockheed Martin Corporation. Some of these items were transferred to Johns Hopkins University. The remaining items were tranferred from the COMSAT Legacy Foundation to COMARA in 2010. The items were physically transferred to COMARA in 2011. The task of making copies of these items available through the internet is an ongoing task.

ALONG with several thousand others, you served with one of the most extraordinary and unique ventures of the space age and helped develop satellite communications. Many of you are receiving or will in the future receive - pensions, medical coverage or other benefits. Comsat as we knew it has disappeared with pieces scattered in a variety of directions or dissolved. There will be no focal point for information on benefits status or former employees. A few of us as Founding Board of Directors have undertaken the task of establishing an alumni and retirees association to achieve the above purposes and we hope you will join us. In due course, we plan to arrange for an elected Board. Note: Elected Fall 2003


  1. Please go complete the online Membership Registration form by clicking the link (Register for membership!) on the left of the home page. If you cannot register online, please contact us by email or telephone, or old-fashion mail, (click link "Contact Us") - and we will send you a paper registration form.
  2. In 2002, we set the first year dues at $25.00 to pay for the costs of establishing and maintaining the website and mailing lists and to defray other costs such as printing and mailing. This amount was reduced in subsequent years. The current dues are $15. Please mail a check made out to COMARA for $15.00 to PO Box 34594, Bethesda Maryland, 20827 (please include a copy your Membership form if you have not filed electronically). Please ensure that your check indicates your name and telephone number.
  3. We are seeking all former Comsat employees as members, including surviving spouses. Please refer any colleagues you know to our website to fill out a Membership form. Contact us by any of the means shown above, although we would prefer email.
  4. When a member dies and there is a surviving spouse, the surviving spouse will automatically become the member. The surviving spouse receives the same services from COMARA as the COMSAT Alumni.
  5. COMARA provides most communications with members through the website and periodic email newsletters. The profile for each member allows two email addresses to be entered. To insure continued delivery of emails, a member should be sure at least one current email address is entered.
    • When emails are undeliverable for two consecutive months, the member's email status is marked as "bad email", and emails are suspended.
    • A member can update the contact information from the "Edit my Profile" link on the home page (link appears after sign in), or the member can send a new email address to one of the addresses on the Contact Us page.
  6. COMARA mails periodic newsletters to members without a working email address a few times a year. It is important for a member to maintain a current mailing address. When there is neither a working email address nor a mailing address, then there is no way to communicate with the member.
  7. Members can view the contact information for other members from a link on the home page (viewable after the member signs in). However, the contact information is only displayed if the member checked the box that reads: " I agree to have the above contact information made available to COMARA members."

The Comsat Alumni & Retirees Association
Founding Board of Directors
Tom Calvit Denis Curtin Irv Dostis
John Evans Jack Hannon Ellen Hoff
Pat Kiernan Bob Kinzie  
Board of Directors
  • Joe Pelton
  • Denis Curtin
  • Bob Kinzie
  • Maury Mechanick
  • Paul Schrantz
  • Peter Jacxsens
  • Fred Kelly
  • Geza Serenyi
  • Ron Johnson