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Last update: 01-Oct-2015

Call for News

It's time for a newsletter to sum up 2015 and provide a heads-up for 2016. The section that often gets the most attention is the "News from Members" section. We'd like to hear from you about changes in your life, trips, adventures, and even mishaps. A photo is appreciated. We need your stories by November 18. Send them to

Jack Hannon's Notes for Medicare Open Enrollment for 2016

The times are a-changing. Jack Hannon has prepared some notes that all medicare-eligible retirees should read. The two big things that can come as a very expensive surprise are prescriptions in Tier 3 (or possibly an even higher Tier. This can also put you into the dreaded "donut hole". Read Jack's notes and his suggestions that can potentially save you a lot of money. See's-Notes-Medicare-Open-Enrollment-for 2016.htm

A correction was issued for this document on November 17. There was a discussion of a "Deductable" that may be applied to Tier 3 prescriptions that could affect your total cost. This could not be confirmed with OneExchange, and was deleted from the document on November 17.

2015 COMSAT Alumni Social Photos - September 20, 2015

2015 Social Photos A few photos from the 2015 Social held September 20 at the Golden Bull. Some of the members and guests who attended are not included because the photographer was a bit late in taking pictures. When you first view the collection , you should see an array of photos. Click or touch any photo to view that photo on your device. View other photos by clicking or tapping the navigation arrows, swiping left or right, or select the "Play Slide Show" link at the top. More detail about viewing the photosViewing Photo Collections.
If you have any photos you would like to add to this collection, please send them to the webmaster at

This year we had 50 members and guests for the social. All of us on the COMARA Board hope that you will be able to attend this wonderful function next September.

First Wednesday In December

Dec 2, 2015
Golden Bull Grand Cafe

Next Board Meeting

Thu, Nov 19, 11:30am
Chez Kinzie

One Exchange Newsletter

Medicare Open Enrollment
Oct 15 - Dec 7, 2015

Upcoming Events


2015 First Wednesday in December - December 2, 2015

This is a reminder that the annual 1st Wednesday in December COMSAT Employees Get-to-gather is rapidly approaching. The event will again be held at the Golden Bull restaurant in Gaithersburg. Originally, this was for Labs employees, but now it has evolved to include all COMSAT Alumni, spouses and significant others.

It is a completely informal gathering starting 6:30pm. We will be seated in a 10 person per table arrangement to better assist wait staff and to simplify ordering/payment for that table.

So help put the word out to others and use the form at "First Wednesday in December" on the website or so I can get a ballpark number of attendees. Looking forward to seeing you all there!!

Medicare Open Enrollment Season: Oct 15 - Dec 7, 2015

Towers Watson OneExchange is the medical insurance exchange that handles the medical benefits for Lockheed Martin. They recently sent an email to retirees who have medical insurnace through them. The upcoming Medicare Enrollment Period allows eligible retirees who missed the first enrollment period to get coverage. This is also the period where eligible retirees already enrolled in a plan to make changes. See this newsletter.

Previous Retirement Medical Benefits Information

Thanks to Maury Mechanick and Rich Lustig for all their work to help members with selections for medical insurance after Lockheed Martin announced the end administering the coverage. Many members report they have been pleased with the performance of the revised Medical plan, and hope our members have been able to have success in their selections.

It was time to archive this information, and let the website get back to COMARA activities. A new page containing the archived benefits information will be available in a few days. For now, if you have any questions, direct them to OneExchange 844-596-0460, or email

The OneExchange website is One Exchange for Lockheed Martin employees and retirees

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