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Last update: 01-Oct-2015

The Class of 2015 Directors

The Election for the Class of 2015 Directors has ended. The Elected Directors are:

  • Maury Mechanick (39 votes)
  • Peter Jacxsens (37 votes)
  • David Lee (36 votes)

Congratulations to all, and thanks for serving COMARA.

2015 COMSAT Alumni Social Photos - September 20, 2015

2015 Social Photos A few photos from the 2015 Social held September 20 at the Golden Bull. The photographer was a bit late in taking pictures, so some of the attendees had already left. If you have any photos you would like to add to this collection, please send them to the webmaster at

This year we had 49 members and guests for the social.

First Wednesday Gathering

Dec 2, 2015
Golden Bull Grand Cafe

Next Board Meeting

Chez Kinzie



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Previous Retirement Medical Benefits Information

Thanks to Maury Mechanick and Rich Lustig for all their work to help members with selections for medical insurance after Lockheed Martin announced the end administering the coverage. Many members report they have been pleased with the performance of the revised Medical plan, and hope our members have been able to have success in their selections.

It was time to archive this information, and let the website get back to COMARA activities. A new page containing the archived benefits information will be available in a few days. For now, if you have any questions, direct them to OneExchange 844-596-0460, or email

The OneExchange website is One Exchange for Lockheed Martin employees and retirees

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  • Geza Serenyi - 2013
  • Ron Johnson - 2013
  • Denis Curtin - 2014
  • Dan DiFonzo - 2014
  • Bob Kinzie - 2014
  • Peter Jacxsens - 2015
  • David Lee - 2015
  • Maury Mechanick - 2015
  • Maury Mechanick - President
  • Fred Kelly - Secretary
  • Geza Serenyi - Treasurer
  • Denis Curtin - Social
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  • Ron Johnson - 1st Wednesday
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  • Rich Lustig - Benefits
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