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Last update: 20-Aug-2015

Election for the Class of 2015 Directors
There are nine Directors on the COMARA Board of Directors. Three Directors are elected each year for a three year term. The Board nominates three members, and members can nominate additional people for the election. The nominees from the Board are: Maury Mechanick, Peter Jacxsens, and David Lee. The election is via online ballot. The election period begins August 11.

Please go to the Members section to vote. (Members need to Sign In to vote.)

2015 COMSAT Alumni Social - September 20, 2015

Golden Bull Restaurant Please join your COMSAT friends and colleagues for a social gathering at 4pm, Sunday afternoon, September 20 at the Golden Bull Grand Cafe in Gaithersburg. This will be a chance to visit and catch up with friends and acquaintances from your COMSAT days. Spouses and guests are welcome.

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Marty Votaw Services: Sept. 12, 2015, Goleta, CA

Irv Dostis: I am sad to inform you that Marty Votaw passed away, Aug 6 in CA. Ernie Robertson called to let me know. I do not have any more detail except he was in a care facility. Marty Votaw certainly was super important in the long term success of COMSAT specifying and getting great reliable satellites. He was important manager that promoted major advances in the technology thru the relationship between the West Coast operations, COMSAT Labs and the spacecraft manufacturers . I worked directly for him for many years at COMSAT and SBS.

Janet Votaw provided a copy of Marty's obituary. Obituary: Martom James Votaw, Sr. [pdf]

We also have Marty's interview for the COMSAT Oral History Project Marty Votaw's Oral History [pdf]

Paul Schrantz (in an email to Marty's son, Tom): I was saddened to hear the news about your father, Marty. I knew him since the early days when I was at APL and he was at NRL. I joined COMSAt in 1968 after your dad had launched Early Bird, Intelsat II and the Interlast IIIs. Our Labs team supported the "West Coast" office and it really worked because of Leaders like your dad and my boss, Fred Esch. I was also fortunate to have been on the Inmarsat Commision headed by your dad. Based on our work, Inmarsat hired Gene Jilg and they have had 12 straight successful launches following Marty Votaw's Monitoring plan.

Dental Plan Coverage for COMSAT Retirees

Lockheed Martin Retiree Dental Plan coverage ended May 31. Dental plan coverage beginning June can be purchased through OneExchange. Lockheed Martin charged some employees for dental plan coverage in June (and beyond).
Rich Lustig was able to get reliable information about the coverage, and the procedure to request refund of any premiums paid to Lockheed.
See Dental Plan Coverage for COMSAT Retirees for the details.
Contact the Lockheed Martin Employee Service Center at 866-562-2363.

Note from Pier Bargellini about the death of his wife

I am sorry to report the death of my wife Anna on July 10 2015 at age 93 after 72 years of marriage and three children. It happened here in Tepoztlan- Morelos- Mexico where I live temporarily.

I am now 101 & 1/2 years old still in good health with a few pills.
A paper of mine on Marconi (The Inventor of Radio Communications), Popov (his friend) and Tesla (his aggressive enemy) will be published in the July/August issue of AEIT.

Best regards,
Dr. Pier L. Bargellini, Fellow/Life Member IEEE.

'Satellite', an artistic homage to a relic of a restless age

Paul Schrantz noticed an article in the Washington Post about an artistic rendition Early Bird. It is on display at 1700 L St. NW. through July 31. The replica is viewable from outside or by appointment. Call 202-234-5601.
Washington Post Article: 'Satellite,' an artistic homage to a relic of a restless age

Election Deadline

Sep 18, 2015
Use online ballot, email, or mail

Next Board Meeting

Thu, 19 Nov, 2015, 11:30am
Chez Kinzie

Fall Social

Sun, Sep 20, 2015 4pm
Golden Bull Grand Cafe

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Previous Retirement Medical Benefits Information

Thanks to Maury Mechanick and Rich Lustig for all their work to help members with selections for medical insurance after Lockheed Martin announced the end administering the coverage. Many members report they have been pleased with the performance of the revised Medical plan, and hope our members have been able to have success in their selections.

It was time to archive this information, and let the website get back to COMARA activities. A new page containing the archived benefits information will be available in a few days. For now, if you have any questions, direct them to OneExchange 844-596-0460, or email

The OneExchange website is One Exchange for Lockheed Martin employees and retirees

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