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Last update: 22-Jul-2019

William 'Bill' L. Mayo Services - Saturday, July 27

Published in the Rapahhock Record July 17, 2019

KILMARNOCK - William "Bill" Lavern Mayo, 90 of Kilmarnock died peacefully in his sleep on January 19, 2019.

Read the obituary and funeral details...

A Few More Pics From the 2019 Picnic

Here are a few more pictures from the 10th Annual IRAA/COMARA & Intelsat Summer Picnic provided by Geza Serenyi.
2019 IRAA-COMARA Pictures from Geza Serenya

10th Annual IRAA/COMARA & Intelsat Summer Picnic - Epilogue

It was a sunny day with warm temperatures reaching into the upper 80s for the picnic and a smaller crowd came out this year: 61 out of 72 who RSVPd including 46 IRAA, 8 COMARA, 6 former Intelsat, and 1 current Intelsat.

The picnic has always been a great event where everyone who attends enjoys reconnecting and reminiscing with friends and former colleagues from COMARA, IRAA, current/former Intelsat staff. Once again the customary menu fare consisted of the popular and delicious Crisp n Juicy chicken, along with lots of roasted vegetable, salads and our own grilled burgers, chipotle black bean burgers, hot dogs, and plenty of cold refreshments.

DJ and photographer extraordinaire Ed Stoner played cool music and displayed on a projector screen many photos taken at Intelsat events by Ed a long time ago, as well as taking all of the pictures you can see on the link below. A special thanks to Jorge and Mirka Penaranda for helping with logistics in getting stuff to and from Seneca Creek, and to Rosa and Roland Liu for taking away a large bag of trash.

The winner of first drawing was David Griffiths who picked 1 of 5 boxes linked to a $25 Lowes gift card. The winner of second drawing was Guibin Dong who picked 1 of 4 boxes linked to a bottle of Castello di Poppiano Riserva red wine instead of steeling the $25 Lowes gift card. The winner of third drawing was Bob Kinzie who picked 1 of 3 boxes linked to a $25 Amazon gift card instead of steeling the red wine. The winner of fourth drawing was Jim Johnson who picked 1 of 2 boxes linked to a bottle of Latour Pouilly Fuisse, 2016, instead of steeling the $25 Amazon gift card. The winner of the fifth drawing was Rosa Liu who picked the last box linked to a large scented candle with designer matches instead of steeling the white wine.

Click HERE for photos of the picnic courtesy of Ed.

Ed Habib Recognized for Lifetime Achivements

Denis Curtin forwarded this notice to us.
Ed Habib Received the Lifetime Achievement Award from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

In recognition of his lifetime achievements in space communications at NASA, Edmund J. Habib, B.E.E. '49, received on of two 2018 Engineering Pioneer Awards from the Goddard Space Flight Center.
Read More ...

The Air Force can't figure out which satellite is which

On the afternoon of December 3rd, 2018, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket took off from the southern coast of California, lofting the largest haul of individual satellites the vehicle had ever transported. At the time, it seemed like the mission was a slam dunk, with all 64 satellites deploying into space as designed.

But nearly four months later, more than a dozen satellites from the launch have yet to be identified in space. We know that they're up there, and where they are, but it's unclear which satellites belong to which satellite operator on the ground.

They are, truly, unidentified flying objects.
Read the article

Pictures from First Wednesday 2018 Gathering

First Wednesday 2018 Pictures The COMARA First Wednesday December 2018 gathering was held at the Woodside Deli in Germantown. Ron Johnson did his usual great job in organizing and publicizing this event.

Paul Schrantz attended the event and took photos of many of the participants. These photos have been posted to a OneDrive album. You can view the photos as an album and as a slide show. You can also order copies of any of the photos.

View Photos from the 2018 First Wednesday in December Gathering at Woodside Deli

Sorry that it took awhile to get these photos uploaded for your viewing.

New book by Elizabeth Young (one of our COMARA own)

Just want to share with my COMARA friends that my fifth book, a mystery, entitled "The Hand in the Window", has been released by Divertir Publishing, which previously published my international thriller, "FUGO: Terror from the Sky". Information available on my web site: All my book are available on

Jay Berg's life could have been better. He had recently separated from his wife after losing his job at the factory where they both worked. His wife was now seeing another coworker, Jay was living in an apartment at a friend's house, and his days consisted of holding a traffic sign at a construction site.

Then Jay saw the hand in the window-

Could Jay make his brother-in-law, Vic Bartle, believe there was something going on at the vacant house near the work site? Would Vic think this was a merely a result of Jay's drinking? And when Jay's son went missing, would Jay be able to help solve the mystery of the hand in the window...

Elizabeth Young, COMSAT 1984

2018 COMSAT Alumni Social Photos

2018-Social-Pictures About 35 people attended the 2018 COMARA Social on Sunday, September 30 at Thats Amore on Shady Grove Road in Rockville. Denis Curtin made arrangements for the venue. Geze Serenyi (treasurer) collected checks from our PO Box, and email notices from PayPal as our members paid for the event.

Paul Schrantz and Ron Garlow took pictures at the event. This album contains 51 photos taken during the event. This One Drive album is provided without charge by Microsoft for any user with an Outlook email account. The owner of the account creates the album, and then uploads copies of the pictures. Microsoft handles the formatting of the photo display for computer, tablet, or smart phone.

View the Social Photos - Wait for photos to load.

Maury Mechanick, COMARA President, conducted a short meeting at the event. Maury introduced Richard Rankin, newly elected COMARA Director.

There was some discussion of the support COMARA members have provided to the National Electronics Museum, located near BWI airport.

COMSAT Slide Collection

One of the COMSAT Legacy collections is a box containing nearly 1100 slides. Dan DiFonzo recently took on the job of scanning the slides so our members, and the world can share them. This is a gargantuan job. Dan has created a OneDrive album and uploaded the slides to this album. This is a massive collection with a size of about 2GB.

From Dan DiFonzo: As promised, here is the link to view and/or download the 1100 Comsat slides that I scanned and digitized. These images have been uploaded to a OneDrive album.

Comsat Slides

Click the array to view the OneDrive Album

The notation on each slide refers to the drawer that contained the slides in the 3 across x 6 down set of plastic drawers. Otherwise, the slides are numbered in the order I scanned them. Only 14 of the drawers had slides.
Daniel F. DiFonzo

If you have already paid your 2018 membership dues, thank you for your support. If you have not yet paid your 2018 membership dues of $15 per year, please send a check to COMARA using our PO Box or use PayPal. Better yet, please send in $30 for both your 2018 and 2019 membership dues.
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