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Last update: 17-Oct-2016

First Wednesday in December Event Moves to Woodside Deli

Ron Johnson has been making arrangements for the First Wednesday in December Get Together for some years. The event was originally held at Roys Place in Gaithersburg which is no longer in business. Trying to find a place that is amenable to all, one that does not require a minimum number of attendees and allows for a variety of choices is becoming difficult.

Ron recently provided details on the planning for the 2016 First Wednesday in December. The event moves to the the Woodside Deli in Germantown. An email was sent to members with details for the 2016 First Wednesday in December gathering.
See the Announcement

Woodside Deli The event will be held at the Woodside Deli in Germantown (see info below). Ron selected the Woodside Deli after visiting a number of bars, cafes, restaurants and joints in the Clarksburg, Germantown, Gaithersburg and upper Rockville area.

The event will begin about 6:00pm and we will start ordering about 6:45pm. Although there is not an open bar, beer and wine can be purchased by individuals. Eight to ten person tables will be set up as before. Each table will be responsible for its tab and tip (please be generous to the wait staff).

The Woodside Deli is in the Germantown Commons Shopping Center, near the Giant Grocery. Directions for most people: Take the Rt 118 Exit West from I-270, or the Middlebrook Rd exit (west) northbound from I-270. Entrance to the Shopping Center is Middlebrook Rd and Century Blvd.
The Woodside Deli
13048 Middlebrook Road
Germantown, MD 20874
(301) 972-6812
Woodside Deli Web Page:
Google map to Woodside Deli: Google Maps

If you are interested in attending, please use the form to send Ron an email - First Wednesday 2016 - so he can get a general number of attendees.

Pass the word around (some people don't have emails). Looking forward to seeing you all there.
- Ron Johnson -
Questions to:

2016 First Wednesday Gathering

Wed, Dec 7, 2016
Woodside Deli
Germantown Commons Center

Next Board Meeting

Tue, Nov 15 11:30am
Chez Kinzie

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JOSEPH VINCENT CHARYK - September 28, 2016

Joseph Charyk JOSEPH VINCENT CHARYK (Age 96) Of Delray Beach, FL, Falmouth, MA and formerly of Washington, D.C. passed away peacefully on Wednesday, September 28, 2016. He enjoyed a long and distinguished career, making key contributions to the field of global telecommunications. Charyk is widely credited as the founder of the geosynchronous communications satellite industry.

Dr. Charyk became President and a director of the Communications Satellite Corporation (COMSAT), shortly after the organization's inception in 1963. His leadership guided the launch of a global system that would eventually seem commonplace to billions of people around the world. While at Comsat, Charyk served as President, CEO, and Chairman from 1963 to 1985.

Charyk is survived by his children William, John, Chris, and Diane and their spouses, nine grandchildren and their spouses, and seven great grandchildren.

A funeral mass will be celebrated at 11 a.m. on Saturday, November 5, 2016 at St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Falmouth, MA. Dr. Charyk will also be remembered with a funeral mass at 11 a.m. at St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church in Delray Beach, FL on Saturday, December 3, 2016.

See the Announcement recently emailed to COMARA members.

See the announcement Published in The Washington Post on Oct. 16, 2016

Pictures from the COMARA Fall Social

COMARA Fall Social Photos.

We have some photos from the Fall Social. Thanks to Paul Schrantz for taking most of the photos. Some editing and adding captions will take a day or two. You may be able to add a description if you recognize someone in a photo and would like to lend a hand

Results from the Annual Election of Directors

We did announce the results of the election for the 2016 Class of Directors. The three nominees each were elected for a period of three years.

  • Ron Johnson,
  • Fred Kelly
  • Geza Serenyi

Ron Johnson is completing arrangements for the First Wednesday in December gathering. It will be held December 7.

Fred Kelly will continue to serve as the Secretary. Fred had a serious illnes during the past year, but feels like he has recovered.

Geza Serenyi will continue as Treasurer. Geza has been largely responsible to keep COMARA in good shape financially.

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