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Last update: 14-Apr-2016

7th Annual COMARA/IRAA & Intelsat Summer Picnic - May 22

Last year there were 76 persons in attendance. This year, we are anticipating to reach the century mark in attendance and hope you can make it. This event is a lot of fun getting together with old friends and colleagues from Intelsat/Comsat days by gone and current Intelsat for some good food/drink and camaraderie. The cost is just $12.00 for members, $12.00 for one guest, and $15.00 for each additional guest and non-members. As is customary for this event, there will be plenty of good food/drinks and raffle prizes for lucky winners.

Please see below announcement posted on the IRAA website IRAA/COMARA 2016 Picnic.

Your RSVP/payment for the picnic must be received by Friday, May 6

View of the lake at Senaca State Park
Date: Sun May 22, 2016
Time: 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Where: Seneca Creek State Park (Buck Pavilion)
Cost: Members: $12.00 ea; spouse or 1 guest: $12.00 ea.
Additional guests and non-members: $15.00 ea.
Menu: Burgers, hot dogs, Crisp 'N Juicy chicken and refreshments
Note: Pls let us know if you prefer vegan only.
Note: Pls let us know if you would like to attend but will need help with transportation.
The last three picnics held at Seneca Creek State Park in 2012, 2013 & 2014 were a big success with 70+ members and spouses/guests from COMARA & IRAA along with current and former Intelsat staff attending each event. Why mess with a good thing, so this year's event will once again be held at Seneca Creek State Park on Sun, 17th May. The same delicious menu will be offered as well.



Sun, May 22
Seneca Creek State Park
Gaithersburg, MD

Next Board Meeting

Tue, May 3, 11:30am

Chez Kinzie

Deadline to purchase Picnic Tickets

Friday, May 6, 2016
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Upcoming Events


Upcoming Social Events:

The IRAA is going to try to hold a Golf Outing sometime over the summer, and also do a half-day wine tour of two wineries in Loudon County, Va. Here is link below to website asking anyone who may interested to send and EMail to so we can get an idea/head count for planning purposes.

Once the Wolf Trap summer schedule is released, we'll be setting something up for an event out there too. Details to follow soon.

Many thanks.
Alan Olson

Golf Outing

Anyone interested in getting together for a fun time playing some golf is invited to join our first-ever golf outing planned for this summer. Any level of play or experience is welcomed. Ed Stoner is heading up this event and will try to put together an outing with everyone who has expressed an interest. This invitation is open to members of IRAA, COMARA, current Intelsat staff and anyone else who loves to play golf and have fun. Please send an EMail to

Virginia Wine Tasting Tour

We will also be setting up a half-day wine tour at two Loudon County Virginia wineries sometime later this summer or early fall. This invitation is also open to members of IRAA, COMARA, current Intelsat staff, and anyone else who loves wine and good camaraderie. Please send an EMail to Anita Saltos:


Tom Calvit Obituary

An online obituary for Tom Calvit was found a few days ago. It had been posted on Apr 9th, but no one had seen it until a question from one of our members prompted a new search

Tom Calvit Obituary - Baton Rouge, LA | The Advocate

Services were April 15, 2016.


Tom Calvit Helped COMARA Get Started

From Denis Curtin:

Many of you knew Tom at Comsat but what you may not know is what Tom meant to the formation of COMARA. When I left COMSAT to join Orion Network Systems in 1988 I started to get together for lunch with friends from my COMSAT days. When Fred Weber joined me at Orion we continued and expanded the lunches. Finally, one day in the early 90s at the Hamburger Hamlet in Bethesda 25 people showed up. Fred and I realized this was over the top and we needed to change the format to an evening cocktail party so we could just to get to speak with every one. We had a number of evening events in Bethesda. Eventually, with Burt Edelson's help, as the numbers grew, we moved to the Bethesda Officers Club at the Bethesda Naval hospital and with Bill Houser's help at the Army Navy CC in Arligton. As the numbers were grew Fred and I got too busy with Orion and realized we needed help.

Tom Calvit, who was retired, stepped in and was the key organizer, greeter, diplomat, and sender of notices for a number of years. He was fabulous at it because he was such a nice guy everyone enjoyed being in contact with him. With Tom's efforts one evening we had 150 attendees at one of the parties. Along the way we developed an extensive mailing list of former COMSAT employees. When Irv, Ellen, Jack Hannon and others got the idea for an alumni association, Tom had already put together a list of interested former employees. Many are still coming to the COMARA social affairs. His efforts really helped COMARA to get started.

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