COMARA Privacy Policy

The COMSAT Alumni and Retirees Association ( considers your privacy to be extremely important. We are committed to keeping your information safely and securely stored within our systems. To ensure your trust, we have developed this privacy policy to help you understand both what information we collect and to whom it may be distributed.

Collecting Information

COMARA collects contact information from our members and for other previous employees of the COMSAT Corporation and subsidiaries. This information is used primarily to provide information about our organization, and to encourage communications between members. Members filled out the the registration form. We also maintain a database of previous employees with contact information provided by members.

Maintaining Security Procedures

COMARA maintains strict security procedures to protect the confidentiality of our member and contact information. Full access the the information is available only to the Board and officers. Every attempt is made to prevent access to the information in our registration (members) and contacts (previous employees of COMSAT) databases by anyone else.

Sharing Contact Information Between Members

A visitor to this site is required to "Sign In" before gaining access to contact information about our members. When a member registers, there is a checkbox next to the phrase "I agree to have the above contact information made available to COMARA members.". If this checkbox was not checked, then only the name of the member is available.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact

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