COMSAT Technical Reviews - 1971-1995

The full set of COMSAT Technical Review are available online due to the hard work of several alumni - primarily Steve Teller and the late Mike Hulley.

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A Statement of Purpose -- From CTR Volume 1

After six years of successful commercial communications via satellite, it is clear that this new technology is making, and will continue to make, significant contributions to human affairs. Although satellite communications are the product of important scientific and technical advances, there is no technical periodical anywhere devoted exclusively to this subject.

COMSAT is privileged to have played a pioneering role in establishing the global commercial communications satellite system, and in the advancement of a satellite technology which is steadily growing in complexity and magnitude. The technical achievements so far have been impressive indeed. But achievement of the full potential of satellite communications depends in large measure on research and technical work yet to be done.

It is appropriate, therefore, that this Corporation, with extensive research and technical capabilities of its own, undertake publication of the first technical periodical devoted exclusively to satellite communications. This is the first issue of that journal, the COMSAT TECHNICAL REVIEW. The goals are:

The COMSAT TECHNICAL REVIEW will cover scientific and technical aspects of satellite communications in the areas of soacecraft_ earth stations and communications processing, including systems, components and techniques. The spectrum of papers will be broad, ranging from the highly specialized to the general and tutorial. Papers selected for publication by the Editoral Board will be characterized by high standards of quality, originality, timeliness and permanence of value. It is our high hope that the COMSAT TECHNICAL REVIEW will contribute to greater technical understanding and achievement in satellite communications.

Communications Satellite Corporation
Washington, D. C.
November 19, 1971