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Unable to Send Email to These Members

Updated 15-Aug-2014

Most of COMARA communications is done by email. The email service specification requires that an undeliverable email be returned to the sending address. This does not happen all of the time. We do examine the headers of any email returned to determine the reason. However, some mail servers may not return the mail, or our hosting company may not deliver returned email to the sending webmail box.

It is your responsibility to be sure we have your email address.
You can provide two email addresses. In some cases, this may be a work email and a home email. In other cases you may give us your primary email and a secondary one in case the primary address isn't receiving email. We find that there are often three reasons people change email addressses.

If you are not receiving COMARA email, here's what you can do.
Be sure we have at least one valid email addresses for you. You can verify the email addresses in your profile by clicking the "Edit My Profile" button on the home page (after you sign in). You can also send your email address to to

In some cases, the email address in our database may be valid, but the mail provider refuses to deliver email from COMARA due to a faulty spam control. This can usually be resolved, but we need to know.

If your name is on the list, please send an email to containing your current email address.
Robert Adams
Shaun Arness
Phillip Avruch
Doris Babcock
Dorothy Bennett
lloyd blackman
Patricia Blatnik-Harbin
Joseph Bruno
William Burch
Thomas Calvit
John Capossela
James Casey
Doris Chadderton
Glenda Cooper-Payne
Anthony Corio
Andre Cortese
Christian Courard
Jay Cox
William Day
Joan Dedman
Eileen Delany
Richard Dobson
Leon Dongelewicz
Billie Dorian
John Duke
David Durand
Nancy English
Woodrow First
James Fleming
Ann Free
Barbara Galfund
Trishann Ganley
Derek Gill
Dilip Gokhale
Rosemarie Gore
David Gourley
Judy Graham
John Gray
Robert Gruner
James Halpape
Barbara Hayden
Clayton Heflin
William Hixon
Patricia Hogan
Dorothy Hook
John Huber
Claudette Ippolito
James Jancso
Bernie Joiner
Nancy Kilcoyne
Doris Koskos
Betty Lowe
Marilynn Mattal
Everett Mattos
Elsie McGrady
Gerard Michaud
Leo Millstein
Roger Miner
Betty Mowen
Patricia Murray
Mark Neibert
Jeremy Parker
Jack Phiel
Richard Porter
Krishna Prasad
Dolores Raneri
Kinga Revesz
Robert Ridings
Kathleen Robbins
Maria Ross
Keith Rysula
Vasant Sawant
Robert Schwartz
K. Paul Singh
Lucille Skinner
Alice Smith
Rachelle Sparrow
Paul Stern
James Stout
Larry Stumpf
William (BILL) Surber
Arlene Tate
Warren Thomas III
Harry Tollerton
Lu Jean Trammell
Donald Verrill
Donald Wagner
Michelle Wagner-Hetmanski
Debora Warrenfeltz
Johanna Weekley
Joseph Wellington
George Welti
James Wilde
Dixie Wilson
Christine Wolfe
Andrew Wong