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Membership is open to former COMSAT employees and surviving spouses.
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2019 Directors Election

COMARA is an association open to former COMSAT employees and surviving spouses. COMSAT was one of the most extraordinary and unique venture of the space age.

Many former COMSAT employees are receiving or will in the future receive - pensions, medical coverage or other benefits. COMSAT as we knew it has disappeared with pieces scattered in a variety of directions or dissolved. There will be no focal point for information on benefits status or former employees. Initially, a few of us as Founding Board of Directors undertook the task of establishing an alumni and retirees association to achieve several purposes and we hope you will join us. The Founding Board has now been replaced by an elected board and several committees have been working to achieve the goals.


1. Please go complete the online Membership Registration form by clicking the link (Register for membership!) on the left of this page. If you cannot register online, please contact us by email or telephone, or old-fashion mail, (click link "Contact Us") - and we will send you a paper registration form.

2. We have set the annual dues at $15.00 to pay for the costs of establishing and maintaining the website and mailing lists and to defray other costs such as printing and mailing. Please make a payment using PayPal, or mail a check made out to COMARA to Post Office Box 34594, Bethesda Maryland, 20827 (please include a copy your Membership form if you have not filed electronically). Please ensure that your check indicates your name and telephone number. Many of our members pay $30.00 and pay for two years.

3. We are seeking all former Comsat employees as members, including surviving spouses, who receive Medical Coverage, Pensions, or other benefits. Please refer any colleagues you know to our website to fill out a Membership form. Contact us by any of the means shown above, although we would prefer email.


The payment of dues is required before you have full access to the pages in this site. Along with spam in your mailbox and predators attempting to install malware on your computer, COMARA also has to deal with a population that attempts to get into this web site and add links and unacceptable content. Bogus attempts to register have increased from a few attempts per month to several per hour. The payment of dues is one way that we have of validating you as a member. We don't collect much personal information from you that can be used for identity theft. We also make every effort to keep the contact information you have provided available only to paid members.

Updated 13-Sep-2019

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