COMARA - COMSAT Alumni & Retirees Association

Lost Members

Updated August 15, 2014

Our database tries to track invalid email addresses and invalid mailing addresses. When an email is returned, we examine the reason. If the email address is not valid, this is recorded. Since we can send email news to two email addresses, if only one is no longer receiving mail (email returned to sender), we notify the member that email is bouncing to one of the addresses. We remove the email address that is returning emails to us. When all emails are returned (or both email fields are blank), we flag the account as having bad email addresses.

In the past when there was no valid email address, we mailed the major newsletters to the member. If the mailed newsletter is returned by the postal service, we flag the record to indicate that we don't have a valid mail address.

When we flag a member's record as having both bad email and a bad address, the member becomes a Lost Member. We no longer have a way to contact the people on this Lost Member list since mail and email are both returned. At this point we hope another member may be able to provide either a current adddress or email addresses.
If you know anything about the location or status of any of the people on this list, please send your information to
A phone number or address would really be appreciated!

Rigmor Blodgett
Elizabeth Bourne
Judith Brant
Betty Camann
Janice Campanaro
Margaret Ciatti
Victor Clavelli
Dorothy Clingman
Francoise Crepeau
Janet Drill
Gilbert Estores
William Gaunt
Martha George
Rose L. Gerson
Janet Glover
Frances Harrington
Ronnie Hicks
Scott Hower
Juanita Iwamoto
Charles Jantho
Beezy (Beulah) Keebaugh
Dorothy Kozman
George Lindroth
William Long
Joyce McKenzie
Charles McKinley
Nathan Morell
Sandra Morton
Gerry Nagler
Luise Q. Noisom
Dorothy Paera
Robert Perry
Fred Phelleps
Herbert Pong
Russ Poulsen
Helmo Raag
William Randall
Virginia Reber
Wayne Rentfro
Edmund Rittner
Pearl Sanders
Harriette Sauret
Elaine Stott
Thomas Tanger
Shirley Taylor
Claudia Toy
Jeannette (Toni) Weber (Loomis)