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Sign Up for OneExchange Interview NOW

In the week's time between scheduling my own interview with OneExchange and one for my wife, the latter done earlier this week, the earliest slot open for the 60 - 90-minute "Interview" in which you choose your new coverage moved from April 6 to May 8. Wow! We only have to the end of May to get our new insurance coverage in place, folks. So the moral of this story is SIGN UP FOR THE INTERVIEW NOW, if you haven't already done so.

The OneExchange representative did say, however, that you can call in any time after March 2 - preferably Wednesdays to Fridays in the afternoon, when they are less busy - and they will try to do the same interview with you. Or answer your questions prior to your scheduled interview. So all is not lost, presumably, if you can't get a timely interview slot.

Still, why risk a hassle over this? DO IT NOW. The phone number is 1-844-596-0460. Good luck.

Jack Hannon - Feb. 26 a.m.

One Exchange Web Site

The company providing the medicare-eligible healthcare choices is OneExchange from Towers Watson. They have a website with some useful information: Medicare Choices Made Simple & Affordable
When you call in for your interview, they will consider the doctors you are currently using, and your list of prescriptions. You can start your personal profile from the site.

Watch the Lockheed Martin Retiree Presentation.

If you missed the presentations on February 19, you can view a 35 minute youtube video prepared by by One Exchange. Click the youtube link below to see Lockheed Martin's Retiree Presentation.
Lockheed Martin Retiree Presentation

Lockheed Martin's Frequently Asked Questions

Download the FAQ to answer some of your most pressing questions. Click the link below to download the PDF.
Post-65 Retiree Health Care Coverage

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