COMARA - COMSAT Alumni & Retirees Association - Aug 21, 2015

Marty Votaw Services: Sept. 12, 2015, Goleta, CA

Irv Dostis was the first to let us know of the passing of Marty Votaw.

I am sad to inform you that Marty Votaw passed away, Aug 6 in CA. Ernie Robertson called to let me know. I do not have any more detail except he was in a care facility. Marty Votaw certainly was super important in the long term success of COMSAT specifying and getting great reliable satellites. He was important manager that promoted major advances in the technology thru the relationship between the West Coast operations, COMSAT Labs and the spacecraft manufacturers . I worked directly for him for many years at COMSAT and SBS.

Janet Votaw, Marty's daughter, provided a copy of Marty's obituary.
Obituary: Martin James Votaw, Sr. [pdf]

We also have Marty's interview for the COMSAT Oral History Project Marty Votaw's Oral History [pdf]

Paul Schrantz (in an email to Marty's son, Tom)

I was saddened to hear the news about your father, Marty. I knew him since the early days when I was at APL and he was at NRL. I joined COMSAt in 1968 after your dad had launched Early Bird, Intelsat II and the Interlast IIIs. Our Labs team supported the "West Coast" office and it really worked because of Leaders like your dad and my boss, Fred Esch.

I was also fortunate to have been on the Inmarsat Commision headed by your dad. Based on our work, Inmarsat hired Gene Jilg and they have had 12 straight successful launches following Marty Votaw's Monitoring plan.

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