COMARA - COMSAT Alumni & Retirees Association - Sep 14, 2015
  • Sep 20 Social - Time is running out to make reservations.
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2015 COMSAT Alumni Social - September 20, 2015

View the Social Announcement for more details:

Golden Bull Restaurant Time is running our for you to make reservations to join your COMSAT friends and colleagues for a social gathering at 4pm, Sunday afternoon, September 20 at the Golden Bull Grand Cafe in Gaithersburg. Your reservation must received using our PayPal page, or a check mailed and received by Wednesday, Sep 16, 2015. (PayPal is the better option). Spouses and guests are welcome.
Pay with PayPal (See link at bottom of the home page.)

Or, Check payable to COMARA and mailed before Sep 15 to:
Attn: Social Reservations
Post Office Box 34594
Bethesda, MD 20827
Note: if your payment is $30 or $60, include a note or email to tell Geza how much of the amount is dinner or dues.

Paypal is safe to use; your credit card number is not shared with COMARA, only the amount you authorize and the contents of the note you include as part of the transaction. There is no extra cost to using PayPal, and you save the cost of mailing a letter.

Spouses and guests are welcome. Checks will be accepted at the door, but only if have made prior arrangements with Peter Jaxsens. (Peter is acting Treasurer this month filling in for Geze Serenyi).
If you have not paid 2015 dues, please consider adding $15 to pay for 2015 dues or $30 to pay for 2015 and 2016 dues.
Denis Curtin: (301-460-3659)

Election for the Class of 2015 Directors

There are nine Directors on the COMARA Board of Directors. Three Directors are elected each year for a three year term. The Board nominates three members, and members can nominate additional people for the election. The nominees from the Board are:
• Maury Mechanick,
• Peter Jacxsens, and
• David Lee.
The election is via online ballot. The election period begins August 11 and ends Friday, September 18.

Members who have supported COMARA by paying dues at least once are eligible to vote. You will need to sign in using your last name and a PIN that we assign before you can vote. You can find the link to sign in at the top right corner of the Home page or the Members page.

Once you enter your PIN, most computers will remember it, and you will find the PIN is already entered on the sign in form. If not, there is a link to have your PIN sent to the email address contained in your profile. After you have successfully signed in, return to the Members section and select the link to display the ballot.

If you have any problems with this, please get in touch with the COMARA webmaster

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