2015 First Wednesday in December Photos

Over 50 people attended the 2015 First Wednesday in December event, held at the Golden Bull Grand Cafe in Gaithersburg on December 3, 2015. Your webmaster was unable to attend the event, but did find some interesting comments on Facebook the next morning. These can be found below.

Several comments expressed the desire to see pictures from the event. Thanks to Paul Schrantz, we do have a have a few photos of attendees. If you have any photos from the event, please send them to webmaster@comara.org and they will be added to the collection from Paul.

Thanks to Brent Jacocks who wrote a very nice post on Facebook. This caught the attention of others who attended or (sadly) missed the event.

First Wednesday 2015 Photos You can view the photos submitted by Paul Schrantz (and other members) at 2015 First Wednesday in December Photos.


Comments found on Facebook

Brent Jacocks
December 2 at 10:02pm 

Fun at First Wednesday tonight. Saw lots of old friends including Rosa Liu, Dick Mott, Vasilis Riginos, Irv Dostis, George Huson, Paul Schrantz, Ron Johnson, Geza Serenyi, Amir Zaghloul, Steve Teller, Chris Mahle, As usual, the men outnumbered the women by at least 10 to 1. Why don't some of you other ex-COMSATers give it a try? There are so many good memories and none of us are getting any younger. Wish I had a picture!

Karen Ackermann Very good Brent. I have an excuse I'm 1100 miles away. Glad you represent us women.
December 3 at 5:47am

Betsy Christie Gosh!!! So sorry to have missed. Many familiar names and old friends. Need to figure out how to get it on my radar for next year.
December 3 at 4:53pm

Steve Teller Remember, it's called "The 1st Wednesday in December", we did that when people said they didn't know when it was held. We'll be at the Golden Bull again next year. Paul Schrantz took a bunch of pictures, we should be able to get them soon.
December 3 at 7:42pm

Tracy Brooks-Naylor Thanks for the info Steve. I was just about to ask
December 3 at 8:18pm
Tracy Brooks-Naylor Brent, was Ray Joyner there?
December 3 at 8:19pm

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